The Good Stewards Real Estate Podcast

The Good Stewards’ Podcast, is the only podcast dedicated to seasoned real estate investors who want to maximize the cash flow potential in their business. The Good Stewards, Ryan Dossey, Amanda Perkins, Bill Syrios and Andrew Syrios, will bring an insider's view into the nitty-gritty details of running a real estate investing business.

Each week you'll hear them dive into the systems-driven strategies needed to build a thriving business by discussing actual situations that investors face. Anchoring a business with integrity builds trust with sellers, lenders, staff, residents, contractors and partners—all critical to success. A Good Steward uses their time wisely to create wealth, enabling abundant and unexpected opportunities for all.

If this is your mission, and you’re looking for the collective wisdom from those who have perfected their investment skills since 1989, tune into the podcast and connect with us at